• Game Of Thrones Inspires Many Viking Baby Names Across The World Today

    Viking baby names are now more famous than ever due to the recent popularity of Game of Thrones TV series an adaption of the novel by the same name by George RR Martin.  More and more people from England and Wales are choosing their baby names from these hit TV series. But before we dwell in these names that have become more popular, you should know who the Vikings were originally before you select a name for your baby.

    Who were the Vikings?

    They were Germanic Norse seafarers. Old Norse was their language. Scandinavia was their homeland and they fearlessly and ruthlessly raided and traded from the Norwegian and Baltic Sea across Northern and Central Europe as well as parts of European Russia during the late 8th to 11th centuries. They established themselves as settlements  across North-western Europe, European Russia, North Atlantic Islands and reached till the North – Eastern coast of North America.  Many myths predict these Vikings as violent, piratical heathens and intrepid adventurers. They have a fascinating history and have influenced many books and TV series including the popular Game of Thrones Series.

    Craze over Game of Throne baby names:

    Always one was fascinated by the Viking mythology. Just the name will bring images of fierce, strong warriors which include not only men, but also women to our minds. But the trend of choosing their names for babies is a recent one.  Earlier, people thought they would sound awkward in English. But all those perceptions changed with the Game of Throne series. People fell in love with those characters and started naming their kids after them.

    Arya for girls and Theon for boys has been a popular name chosen for babies from the series. Arya belongs to the House of Stark, and is the youngest daughter of Lord Eddak Stark and Lady Catelyn Stark. She is characterized as being a headstrong girl who is fiercely independent. She is often mistaken for a boy and disdains traditional women’s pursuits. She has a friendly nature and is a brave warrior who hates to behave like a woman and stands by her word when she feels it is the right thing to do.

    Theon is one of the most popular names being given to boys. This was actually a French name with the meaning ‘untamed’. In the Game of Thrones, he is one of the major characters in the first six seasons. He is the youngest son of Lord Balon and Lady Alannys Greyjoy. His father was the head of House Greyjoy and Lord of the Iron Islands. He is held hostage by the House of Stark after his father’s failed uprising. His war of his loyalty between his father and Robb Stark with whom he grew up like a brother makes him a favourite among many. He is viewed as someone who is arrogant, narcissistic and vain but not malicious.

    Khaleesi is another popular name chosen by many. It is not a name, but actually a Dothraki title which is bestowed upon the wife of Khal or Daenerys Targaryen. She is famous by the name Khaleesi, rather than her real name. She is a very determined woman and a strong fighter who does not let setbacks deter her and she always lives up to her moral code.

    People also choose to name their child after Tyrion, Bran, Sandor, Sansa and Brienne from the series.


    Game of Thrones, even though it is a fictional work has an extremely lethal ‘realistic’ world which people can relate to even in their real life. Follow the trend and name your child from one of these characters and let him/her live their fantasy. 

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