• From The Pages Of History: Famous Native American Indian Battles

    Native American Indian battles were a series of conflicts between the settlers of America or the Government of United States and the natives of North America since the beginning of colonial settlement until the year 1924. As American settlers started expanding their territory, the natives were naturally pushed northwards and westwards. This expansion led to conflicts over resources between the settlers and the natives that took the shape of significant battles. Along with this, the wars between European powers also resulted in warfare and further raiding of resources.

    Here is a detailed analysis of some of the historic Native American Indian battles:


    ·         The Cherokee-American Wars (1776-1794) 


    These wars were a multiple series of raids, campaigns, ambushes and full-scale battles between the Cherokee tribes and the American settlers. The wars were fought between the years 1776-1795. In the first phase of the war, the Cherokee fought on the behalf of the Kingdom of Great Britain against its colonies that had stood up in rebellion. In the second phase, they served as allies of New Spain against the new United States of America. These wars came to an end with The Treaty of Tellico Blockhouse and The Treaty of Greenville in the years 1794 and 1795 respectively.


    ·         American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) 


    This war comprised of two parallel battles fought on the east and the west. While the east was a conflict against British rule, the west was more of an Indian war. The newly formed United States fought with the British to gain control over the territories of Native American nations. The Native Americans joined the struggle in hope that they would be able to prevent American settlers from expanding on to their land. This war was the most destructive Native American Indian war in the history of United States.


    ·         Seminole Wars (1817-1858)


    The Seminole wars were fought between the United States and the Seminole Indians in Florida. Three wars were fought in the years, 1817-18, 1835-42, 1855-58 and they removed a major chunk of the Seminole population to Indian Territory, which is now known as Oklahoma. The Seminoles had staged retaliatory raids into the United States, for which the opening battle of the Seminole wars was fought in 1817.



    ·         Apache Wars (1849-1924) 


    A series of armed conflicts were fought between the United States Army and the Apache nations with the origin starting a year before the first conflict when a part of Mexico became a part of United States as a result of the Mexican-American war. This war staged the most celebrated opposition of encroachment on tribal lands.


    ·         Mohave War (1858-59) 


    From the years 1858-59, an armed conflict was fought between Mohave people and the United States. The California Gold Rush of 1849 ha led to thousands of American settlers to head west through Mohave into California. This influx of migrants coupled with a series of misunderstandings led to a conflict that ended with a peace treaty in 1859.


    ·         Battle Of Wounded Knee (1890) 


    This battle was the last significant conflict between the Native American Indians and the United States. This had started on December 29, 1890. It is otherwise termed as a massacre that had almost wiped out the entire band of Sioux.

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